The application implements two card games, Fitch and Eigen. It can be used as a virtual magician or as training for these games.
Magician mode
The app is the magician, it will guess one card from four cards entered by the user. Initially, it is shown the backs of four cards. To select the content of each card, click on it and choose its suit first and then its value. Once the four cards are selected, click on Your card is ... to show the hidden card.
Assistant training
The user practices the arrangement of the cards.
To start, press button Start. You have to drag and drop each card to the correct position to get the fifth card. To check the answer click on End.
Magician training
The user has to guess the hidden card.
To start, press button Start. To select the hidden card, choose its suit first and then its value.
For each training and each game, it is shown the number of hits and errors, and time rankings (the best time, the worst time and the average time).
To initialize values click on Clear statistics.
Game selection, Eigen ordering, deck of cards, language.
Magic wand icon
Click on the magic wand icon to change the game, from Fitch to Eigen and from Eigen to Fitch. A blue ball means Fitch game. A brown ball means Eigen game.
Reset the game
The game can be reset by swiping the finger over the cards. The four backs of the cards are shown again and a new game starts.